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Wednesday, May 23 2012, 12:20 AM EDT
By: Ben Becker

Has a South Florida woman found the Fountain of Youth?
According to a popular legend, Spanish explorer Ponce de León discovered Florida while searching for the fountain of youth.  He never found the fountain of youth, but we have found someone who has.
Annette Larkins is the picture of health, mind and body.  Larkins hasn’t lost her youthful looks or size 4 figure, but how old do you think she is”  We’ll get to that.  First her secrets.  Larkins eats a raw vegan diet.  That means no meat and no eggs.  Nothing except the food she grows in her backyard.  Amos Larkins: I’ve passed her in age, but not keeping up with her.  Amos Larkins is Annette’s husband.  He’s 78-years-old.  Larkins used to own a meat market and couldn’t believe the day Annette said she wasn’t going to eat meat anymore.  Amos Larkins: I told her I thought she was sick.  I was going to take her to a doctor, because I just know you had to have meat in your diet.  You also need to exercise which Annette gets walking up and down her spiral staircase.  Annette Larkins:  I try to get in 50 floors a day.  When I walk up and down that’s one floor.  She also keeps her mind sharp with a 5,000 book library.  So, what age are we talking about for Annette Larkins?  She is 70-years-old.  CBS 12: Have you had plastic surgery?  Annette Larkins: Not to date, no Botox, not anything.  1963 is when I began this journey to health.  That’s when she became a vegetarian.  She’s been a raw vegan 27 years.  It’s a journey that may not have happened, if not for her lifestyle change.  Her mother died a 47, her grandmother at 36, both from breast cancer.  Annette Larkins: Had I not taken the path I’ve taken, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation, I really don’t.  Annette and Amos will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary in September.  They have two kids, five grandchildren and a great grandchild on the way.  People ask him all the time about Annette.  Amos Larkins: Sometimes they ask me who’s that girl you have with you, like what you doing with that young girl.  For a time, Amos followed Annette’s diet, but didn’t stick with it.  Today he has diabetes and high blood pressure.  He hasn’t found the fountain of youth.  As for Annette Larkins?  Annette Larkins: So if people say I’ve found the fountain of youth, all I know is that I feel wonderful.  I have energy to spare and I love life.  When people tell me ‘you’re going to live to 100,’  my response to that is that would be wonderful if I’m psychologically sound, otherwise what’s it all about.  Annette has also written two booklets titled Journey to Health, parts one and two.  She says the best advice is to keep a positive attitude.  She might not have discovered the fountain of youth, but hope springs eternal.





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