Jun 10 2012
By: Kathleen Corso
RICHMOND Heights, Fla.-
Annette Larkins looks decades younger than her true age and she credits a raw rood diet and daily excise with her youthful appearance and vitality.
“My diet consists of fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds, nothing cooked everything is raw has been for 27 years,” said Larkins, 70.  “I have this energy that if we could bottle and sell it millions could be made from it because I have more than I need.”
Every day, Larkins drinks a homemade vegetable or fruit juice often made from things grown in her garden.
Larkins’ husband Amos recently began following the diet and said he felt the difference almost immediately.
“It’s just the sad thing about me, I wish I’d been eating like she has,” said Amos.



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