Health Alternatives' Interviews Complete Set

Health Alternatives With Living Foods is now available to the masses.  This popular, twelve (12)-part series was originally limited to a local PBS viewing audience in Miami, Florida.  When Annette Larkins became better known-worldwide, people, who had seen and enjoyed the shows locally, as well as those who had, perhaps, seen youtube clips, began inquiring if they were attainable on DVD.

So, timeless, valuable information is presented in a four-volume set  designed to assuage  the curiosity of persons who are interested in ways of gaining and or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   

The Shows

Show #1- introduces the importance of internal body cleansing.  Guests are two colonic experts—Naima and Dot Fletcher, and Bernie Myers, an herbalist.

Show #2 -addresses the necessity of consuming the right kinds of foods.  In studio guest is Clifton Middleton of Three Sisters Farms, who demonstrates micro-plant growing.  On location guest at the Saturday Market is Stan Glaser of Glaser Organic Farms. 

Show #3 -takes us on location to Hippocrates Institute, the world-renowned health care facility where we meet Directors Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Anna Maria Clement.  Back in the studio, Annette interviews Dr. Hepsharat Amadi, a former visiting doctor of the institute.

Show #4 -brings David Haylock, the sponsor of the program, to the studio with clips of various individuals who have benefited from the living foods experience.

Show #5 -travels to an area at the Miami International Airport where we learn what prompted Doctor Jeffery Solomon,  who has treated several Hollywood movie stars, to become a mobile chiropractor.

Show #6-discusses Oriental /Chinese Medicine with two separate doctors (Doctor George Love, DOM, A.P., and Doctor Dongyun Liang, AP DOM), who use a variety of Oriental, healthcare therapies.

Show #7-dispels the Hollywood myth regarding hypnosis, as hypnotist Nancy McCune gives an in depth explanation of a much misunderstood, altered state of consciousness.

Show #8- illustrates before and after accounts of Tim and Susan, a couple who made the transition into the living foods lifestyle. 

Show #9- heightens the viewers perception with an additional aspect of living foods—Natural Hygiene.  Karen Fierro speaks with Annette as the in studio guest while Annette joins Professor Rosalyn Gruben and Doctor Douglas Graham on location.

Show #10-urges everyone to take notes with pencil and paper while Miguel Cisneros- Abreu reveals natural, aromatherapy  formulas to replace harmful, house hold products, blends to relieve pain, and blends for relaxation.

Show #11-Pilates is brought to the forefront by Brent Anderson.  This segment offers another alternative to everyday, familiar exercises.

Show #12-Annette questions Doctor Kirby Hotchner, D.O. about his practice as it relates to children—the pediatrics aspect;  Annette says, “We can’t forget our children.” Some parents will be surprised at his answers regarding fevers and other common concerns. 
The complete 4-disk set includes:


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