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The Health Alternatives’ Interviews are taken from the 12-part series, Health Alternatives With Living Foods that originally aired in Miami, Florida as a local, PBS presentation, hosted by Annette Larkins.   This timeless, invaluable information is presented in a four-volume DVD set designed to introduce healthy living, based on a lifestyle conducive to non-invasive ways of preventing and treating illness.  

The interviews showcase in studio guests as well as on location footage covering the following topics on volume one*:

  • Internal Body Cleansing
  • Organic Farming
  • Health Care Facilities

*Volume One

Show 1- introduces the importance of internal body cleansing.  Guests are two colonic experts—Naima and Dot Fletcher, and Bernie Myers, an herbalist.

Show 2 -addresses the necessity of consuming the right kinds of foods.  Studio guest is Clifton Middleton of Three Sisters Farms, who demonstrates micro-plant growing.  On location guest at the Saturday Market is Stan Glaser of Glaser Organic Farms. 

Show 3 -takes us on location to Hippocrates Institute, the world-renowned health care facility where we meet Directors Brian Clement and Anna Maria-Clement.  Back in the studio, Annette interviews a former visiting doctor of the institute.


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