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The Health Alternatives’ Interviews are taken from the 12-part series, Health Alternatives With Living Foods that originally aired in Miami, Florida as a local, PBS presentation, hosted by Annette Larkins. This timeless, valuable information is presented in a four-volume DVD set designed to introduce healthy living, based on a lifestyle conducive to non-invasive ways of preventing and treating illness.
The interviews showcase in studio guests as well as on location footage covering the following topics on volume 3*:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Living Foods Live and Raw
  • Natural Hygiene

*Volume 3
Show #7-dispels the Hollywood myth regarding hypnosis, as hypnotist Nancy McCune gives an in depth explanation of a much misunderstood altered state of consciousness.
Show #8- conveys before and after accounts of Tim and Susan, a couple who made the transition into the living foods lifestyle.
Show #9- heightens the viewers perception with an additional aspect of living foods—Natural Hygiene. Karen Fierro speaks with Annette as the in studio guest while Annette joins Professor Rosalyn Gruben  and Doctor Douglas Graham on location.


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