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The Health Alternatives’ Interviews are taken from the 12-part series, Health Alternatives With Living Foods that originally aired in Miami, Florida as a local, PBS presentation, hosted by Annette Larkins. This timeless, valuable information is presented in a four- volume DVD set designed to introduce healthy living, based on a lifestyle conducive to non-invasive ways of preventing and treating illness.
The interviews showcase in studio guests as well as on location footage covering the following topics on volume 4*:

*Volume 4
Show # 10-urges everyone to take notes with pencil and paper while Miguel Cisneros- Abreu reveals useful, natural formulas using Aromatherapy.
Show # 11-covers Pilates—with Brent Anderson. This segment offers another alternative to everyday, recognizable exercise.
Show # 12-questions Doctor Kirby Hotchner, D.O. about his practice as it relates to children—the pediatrics aspect. Some parents will be surprised at his answers regarding fevers. 


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