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My first booklet, "Journey To Health," introduces the living foods lifestyle and my connection to it.  Since the booklet continues to inspire interested readers who are requesting more information, I am honored to present “Journey To Health 2,” in hopes that it may, likewise, continue to inspire.  

The search for the Fountain of Youth certainly continues, long after Ponce de Leon sailed off into the sunset.  Many try to hold on to or to find youth with creams and lotions and magic potions—in bottles, in jars, in beauty spas.

Why do we want to remain young? Some reasons are to look good, to feel well, and to maintain an energy level that allows us to meet life’s challenges.

The bad news is that we will chronologically age if we live, for not to grow old is to die young.  The good news is that we can slow down the aging process, and no matter how old we become chronologically, we can achieve our desire to look good, to feel well, and to meet life’s challenges.  We can have the best of both worlds—the fruitfulness of youth and the wisdom of age.  Instead of relying on quick and synthetic fixes, we can commit to abide as closely as possible to the laws of nature.

Abiding by nature's laws increases our potential to attain quality of life and longevity.  Nature’s laws are simple: eat foods in their natural state; refrain from laziness; breathe fresh air, and drink in the gift of sunshine.

We humans complicate matters by trying to improve on perfection. We insist on making foods better when nature has already made them as good as they can get.

At sixty years young, living foods continue to be my weapon against the ills affecting so many in our society.  Living foods are found in The Kingdom of Living Foods—Live and Raw—where Live is King, Raw is Queen, and I am a willing and loyal subject.

The Kingdom of Living Foods is not a new world. In the beginning man and woman ate only live and raw foods, without firing or cooking them.  It was when people began to rob foods of their life-giving, health-giving elements that mysterious illnesses emerged and shorter life spans ensued.  Consequently, today hospitals are filled with people who are digging their graves with their forks.

Every so often there is a return to things or ways of old; "Everything old is new again!”  Centuries and millenniums have thrust us into a state of disarray where food is concerned.  It is time we get back to basics.  Back to the Garden of Eden is the ideal place to be, but because we live in modern times, in a different environment, with taste buds gone astray,  we can concentrate on improving our present lifestyle.   Salvador Dalí, the famous Spanish painter, said, “Do not fear perfection; you will never achieve it.”
Nevertheless, we owe it to ourselves to do the best we can.  Living foods, along with exercise, sunshine, rest, and positive thinking, are a means to this end. Additionally, we must reduce our stress levels. Stress can kill! We need, therefore, to reduce its presence whenever and wherever feasible. Worry not about that which we cannot control, but let
us be about the business of controlling that which is within our power to manage.  We can
manage eating better in order to live better. Living better through better eating frees us to learn more and to become more productive, caring human beings.

The information given in the following pages offers food for thought. I have endeavored to plant seeds that will motivate you to cultivate a harvest of plenty. Earth's garden can yield no better crop than humankind.

Go forth and be fruitful! 





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