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Journey To Health
Book Review
By Helen

Fifty-eight years young Annette Larkins wrote Journey To Health in response to the many questions asked her over the years. Even before people know her age, they want to know, “How big is your waist?” “What do you use on your skin?” How do you stay so thin?” Of course, when they find out her age, the question is, “How do you stay so young?” In essences they want to know her secrets.
Annette says, “There are no secrets, but in order to experience the joy of living, we must be willing to replace negatives with positives, whether the choices are in food or in other areas of our lives.”

She recognizes that although food plays a major role in healthful living, one should also consider psychological attitude, physiological exercise, and inner spirituality to insure the development of a whole, well-functioning human being.

In this forty-page booklet, Annette introduces her lifestyle by sharing true health stories, by teaching sprouting, by talking about juicing, by highlighting healthful hints, and by providing sixteen delicious living food recipes.
The booklet offers inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to those seeking health alternatives.



Journey To Health




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