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Get a power packed dose of Chlorophyll with E3Live.


OceanSolution Concentrate
1 Quart $35.00 Plus Shipping

OceanSolution™ is a non-toxic, all natural, and certified organic liquid mineralizer. Created through a proprietary process of deep ocean water harvesting and containing no additives it is an extract of clean ocean water that comes ready to be mixed with irrigating water (rain, R.O., de-ionized, filtered or distilled). OceanSolution™ allows your plants to reach their genetic potential through the use of naturally balanced minerals and nutrient. It provides all of your plants with a complete and balanced diet of plant food that strengthens them from the inside out. Our customers have seen everything from grass that are more resistant to freezes to tomatoes that flourish during seasons with blight and all have found that their plants are overall more healthy, vibrant, and strong. A strong plant, healthy roots, and mineral rich soil are the trifecta for optimal plant growth! It is the secret weapon to a beautiful, lush lawn and garden!





Super Dry Pulp with the ACME Juicer

 Acme extracts a drier pulp; therefore it provides more juice.
 It is also a well-built, sturdy, long-lasting machine.                                    $199.00 with free shipping  

Sorry,this item is unavailable for our international purchasers, as well as Hawaii and Alaska.




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